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B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D, PSM

Dr Tom Hatton is Principal, Thomas Hatton Environmental Consulting.  Building on 30 years’ experience in delivering and leading water, energy and environmental sciences at the national scale, he assists clients with high-level advice on translating science into policy, strategic planning, building R&D partnerships and collaborations, performance reviews, and environmental assessment and compliance.

Tom retired as CSIRO Group Executive, Energy after 25 years of service, overseeing the Energy Technology and Earth Science and Resource Engineering Divisions, as well as the Energy and Wealth from Oceans Flagships.  Tom previously directed the CSIRO Wealth from Oceans Flagship (2009-2012) and the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship (2006-2009), Australia’s largest marine and water research portfolios, delivering research directly underpinning the efficient and responsible development of Australia’s natural resources while ensuring the conservation of the environmental and social values.  This research set international benchmarks for quality and impact and is recognised worldwide.

Dr Hatton maintains a high public profile as a leading spokesperson on energy, marine and water related matters, and serves on numerous external initiatives, foundations and committees.  He regularly assists with Australian and State Governments with policy issues and international collaboration.  He chairs the Western Australian Marine Parks and Reserves Authority and chaired the 2011 Australian State of the Environment Committee.  He is an adjunct professor at the University of Western Australia and serves on their Oceans Institute Advisory Board.

Born in California and an Australian for more than 25 years, Tom completed a Bachelor of Science (summa cum laude) and Master of Science in Natural Resources at Humboldt State University. In 1986 he completed his doctorate in the College of Natural Resources at Utah State University and post-doctoral studies in mathematics at the University of New South Wales in 1988.

In 1999, Tom was awarded the inaugural WE Wood Award for scientific excellence in the field of salinity research, and the Utah State University Alumni Professional Achievement Award. In 2008, Tom received CSIRO Chairman’s Medal and the Australian Public Service Medal for his contributions to the management of Australia’s water resources.

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