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About me

I have come to astronomy after a (deliberately) stalled career as a classical pianist. I rebooted my career as a fresh undergrad student at Curtin University in 2011, graduated with Honours in 2015, and completed a PhD dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of pulsars in 2019.

When I’m not doing research, I keep my music alive by playing the piano for the Perth Pride Choir.




The environment around a pulsar is complex, and an important part of the process of understanding it is to visualise it. I often make my own graphics and animations, especially for use in presentations. Here are some animations I have made in the past, uploaded for anyone to use freely. I only ask that you give me due credit.

The source Blender files / Gnuplot code can be found in my GitHub repository.

In the Media

My first published, peer-reviewed, first-author paper, was accompanied by a CAASTRO press release, including a short video. It details my efforts to tease out a subtle effect in the drifting subpulse pattern of the pulsar designated PSR B0031-07.


ICRAR Statement

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