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Dr Sabine Bellstedt is an early-career researcher at the International Centre of Radio Astronomy Research. As an observational astronomer, she works with large volumes of data collected with major telescopes, to learn about the evolution of galaxies in our Universe.

Dr Bellstedt conducted her PhD at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing in Swinburne University of Technology. There, using the Keck telescope in Hawaii, her PhD research focussed on developing techniques to better understand the faint outer regions of galaxies using detailed spectroscopic data.
After gaining her PhD in 2018, Sabine moved to Perth where she has now expanded her focus to surveys of millions of galaxies including GAMA, DEVILS, and WAVES. In particular, her research focuses on the analysis of galaxy images in multiple wavelengths to determine their histories in a forensic manner.

In 2020, Dr Bellstedt was announced as a 2021/22 Superstar of STEM, a program organised by Science & Technology Australia to promote the visibility of women in STEM.


Check out my website: www.sabinebellstedt.com

Find me on Twitter: @SabineBellstedt

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