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M.S. in Computer Science and Software Engineer.

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I’m currently helping astronomers to develop software in C++11, MPI, OpenMP and OpenCL, maintaining and further developing an archiving system in python 2.7/3.5+, and developing a prototype execution engine for the SKA project.

Previously worked at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in the development of software for the ALMA project. In particular, I currently worked in the Observing Interfaces team, developing front-end applications for the observatory, using mainly JDBC + Hibernate + Spring, Swing and/or a Servlet container. I also participated on the development of ACS, the CORBA-based distributed control framework used in the ALMA project (C++, Java, Python, bash), and was involved in various other projects, where I used different kind of technologies, like SWT + OSGi/Eclipse RCP, openArchitectureWare, Grails, Lucene/Solr, Spring MVC and Angular JS, among others.

As personal projects I like to work in open-source software. I’ve worked in CSAT (an amateur telescope control system) and in ImaNES, a C-written NES emulator for UNIX-like/Windows systems. I’ve made small/medium contributions to a few open-source projects, like hamster, pidgin and mutt, among many others.

I led a student research organisation, the ALMA-UTFSM Group, for almost two years, under the Technical Leader role. During the time that I participated in this group (almost 4 years) I developed CORBA-based software, learned about telescope control systems, and experimented with real-time operating systems.

I’ve been using Linux alongside Windows since 2003, and exclusively since 2006. For SCM I have been using git and subversion since 2006.

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