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Omar Anwar is a Research Fellow at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), at the University of Western Australia. He holds a BS degree in Electronic Engineering from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, which he obtained in 2007, and an MS degree in Embedded Systems Engineering from the University of Leeds, which he completed in 2009. Before pursuing his doctoral studies, he worked as an academic and researcher at several universities. Omar’s research interests are primarily focused on Machine Learning, Low Power Computing, and Wireless Sensor Networks. During his PhD, he worked extensively on developing an innovative, low-power, low-cost, and long-range smart system for remote beehive health monitoring in Australia. He also developed the world’s first machine learning model for beehive weight estimation, which has been widely praised by the beekeeping community. Currently, Omar is associated with the Data Intensive Astronomy (DIA) group at ICRAR, where he is primarily engaged in minimizing RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) in Radio Waves, a critical issue in the field of astronomy.

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