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A third year PhD student in computational astrophysics under the supervision of Chris Power and Aaron Robotham at the UWA node of ICRAR.

I am an international student from the UK, having completed my undergraduate MSci Physics with Astronomy degree in 2016 at the University of Nottingham. During that time, my research projects covered a broad range of topics – from the analysis of merger detection statistics in semi-analytic models to the study of galaxy dynamics and gas stripping using Chandra archival data.

The aim of my current research is to investigate how well we can recover the kinematics of galaxies observationally using N-body and hydro-dynamical simulations. Over the course of my PhD, I have designed a tool with which you can generate synthetic integral field unit (IFU) kinematic data cubes – an R-package called SimSpin – which will take the particles of a simulated galaxy and produce a 3D array describing the flux and velocity distributions that you would observe with a given IFU telescope.

I have been using this tool to investigate how accurately we can recover observed galaxy kinematics (such as λR and V/σ). Further plans include modifications to SimSpin to generate HI data-cubes and examining the origins of anomalous gas within hydrodynamical simulations.

To check out SimSpin in web app form, click here.

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