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Mx Null is a nonbinary software developer with a strong drive for solving challenging engineering problems on the cutting edge of computer science. After doing a BSc in Computer Science and Physics, they spent several years as a software development consultant with a focus on quality software delivery through the disciplined use of industry best practices. It is these practices which Mx Null hopes to employ in the development and optimization of the MWA\’s signal processing pipeline as it evolves into one which can scale up to meet the demands of the future upgrades. Mx Null is embedded in the MWA Operations team and funded by the AusSRC project to liaise with scientific and technical stakeholders in developing software solutions focussed primarily on achieving the science goals of the Epoch of Reionisation (EoR) team.

In the long-term, Mx Null will use the insights gained from the MWA development effort to inform the requirements and system architecture of the High-Performance Computing systems for the future Australia SKA Regional Centre.

ICRAR Statement

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