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About Me

I decided I wanted to pursue an astronomy degree near the end of high school. I loved physics and maths, and had always been interested in looking at the night sky. It seemed like the perfect match! I came to Curtin University and completed a Bachelors (2014) and Honours (2015) degree in physics, taking every opportunity to get more research experience in astronomy.


In 2019 I completed my PhD at Curtin University, looking into pulsar emission intermittency at low radio frequencies using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA). I used other telescopes (Murriyang, UTMOST, uGMRT) simultaneously alongside the MWA to observe these interesting pulsars and examine how their sporadic emission properties changed with frequency.


I then shipped off to Vancouver, Canada, to work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the pulsar and Fast Radio Burst (FRB) group at the University of British Columbia, with a specific focus on leveraging the power-house Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) telescope. There, I helped create the ground-breaking First CHIME/FRB catalogue, conducted an investigation into sporadic pulsar emission from a large sample of objects, and helped push towards getting CHIME/Pulsar timing data ingested into future Pulsar Timing Array experiments and data releases (with the ultimate goal of contributing to the detection of a gravitational wave background) . I am also a primary developer of the CHIME Slow Pulsar Search project, which will aim to find essentially many faint, long-period pulsars in the Northern hemisphere over time through novel use of the CHIME/FRB data stream and careful data combination and search techniques.


In late-2022 I started back at Curtin University, helping to complete the on-going SMART pulsar survey being conducted with the MWA, and drive the MWA voltage trigger capabilities for FRBs. With new hardware technology being deployed in the near future, and recently revamped correlator and beamformer software suites deployed, it’s an exciting time to be returning!


Outside of work, I’m a big fan of video and board games (no surprises there, I’m sure). I enjoy B-grade horror movies, science-fiction media and pretty much all things LGBTQ+.


My pronouns are he/him.



Please feel free to checkout my ORCiD to see my work, and work I have contributed to.

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