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I spend most of my direct research time working on observational surveys, in particular GAMA and WAVES. I also supervise and co-supervise a diverse range of students, covering topics such as astrostatistics, computational theory, computer science, multi-wavelength galaxy evolution, and image analysis. If you are interested on doing a project (Masters or PhD) in any of these areas then please get in touch, and we can see where our interests overlap. To get a better idea of my research interests check my ADS co-authored papers.

I am an active contributor to the nascent field of astrostatistics. I created and admin the popular Astrostatistics group on FaceBook (~7,000 members) and have contributed and maintain a number of R packages that are hosted on the Central R Archive Network, such as

  • tggd: Statistical routines describing the truncated generalised gamma distribution.
  • celestial: Astronomical coordinate conversions and cosmology functions
  • hyper.fit: Hyper-plane fitting package
  • magicaxis: Advanced 2D plotting utilities for R, allowing easy production of journal grade plots
  • ProFit: Bayesian 2D galaxy profiling suite
  • snapshot: Gadget N-body snapshot reader and writer.
  • sphereplot: Advanced 3D plotting utilities for R, allowing easy production of interactive celestial sphere plots.
More up-to-date (beta) versions of many of these packages can be found on my GitHub.

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