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Astrónomos captan una visión sin precedentes del halo de una galaxia activa cercana lainformation.com media_hit
Halo Of Nearby Starburst Galaxy Seen In Detail International Business Times media_hit
A ‘game-changer in the search for aliens’: China switches on world’s biggest telescope The Telegraph media_hit
See Astronomers’ Hydrogen Map of Milky Way Galaxy with Unprecedented Detail Nature World News media_hit
Under the Milky Way: what a new map reveals about our galaxy The Conversation media_hit
Dark Matter Could Be Destroying Distant Galaxies Smithsonian Magazine media_hit
White dwarf X9 is closest star found orbiting a black hole at astonishing 12 million km/h The Sydney Morning Herald media_hit
04/11/2017 SKA telescope project spurs Kiwi big data breakthrough Reseller News media_hit
Australian astronomers at ICRAR reveal how the sky would look in radio waves The Sydney Morning Herald media_hit
Lighting Up the Night Skies The New York Times media_hit
05/05/2017 Friendly invitation to the universe The West Australian media_hit
The Square Kilometre Array: going to infinity and beyond Australian Financial Review media_hit