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Research by ICRAR scientists has generated more than 4000 articles from over 50 countries, attracting a global readership in the millions. Recent media releases and links to select media coverage are provided below.

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Latest media releases

Astrophysicists map the Milky Way

Oct 20/ 2016

Scientists have created a detailed map of the Milky Way using two of the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescopes in Germany and Australia.

Astrophysicists map the Milky Way

Select Media Coverage

Date Title Source Type
20151205 Super Star Takes on Black Holes in Jet Contest SpaceRef print
20151202 黑洞喷发的神秘物质是啥?或是带正电荷的粒子 东方网 print
20151202 Neutron Stars Can Produce Jets That Are Just As Powerful As Black Holes’ IFLS print
20151201 This Star Is So Powerful It Could Rival A Black Hole The Huffington Post print