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Radio astronomy is concerned with measuring weak electromagnetic signals, and sensitive emission measurements are an important activity when certifying radio astronomy equipment for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); a USB controlled broadband noise source has been built as a calibration tool for such measurements. A signal generator shall be added to this device to make it suitable for narrowband tests as well. The control software (MATLAB scripts) must be extended accordingly.

The modified device shall then be tested as source for conducted and radiated calibration signals. Two different receivers, a Rohde&Schwarz ESU26 (conventional frequency domain receiver) and GAUSS Instrument TDEMI-X (Real time spectrum analyzer), shall be used.

Critical parameters, such as sweep time, resolution bandwidth, number of sweeps, shall be varied and their influence on the sensitivity and accuracy be examined.

Reference noise source for EMC test


Dr Budi Juswardy

Research Engineer (Formerly)

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