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Galaxies and the Cosmic Web

With more than 2000 hours of data already in hand and reduced, this project offers an amazing opportunity for a PhD student to carry out leading science and become involved in a key area of Square Kilometre Array research. As one of the two top-ranked legacy projects, the IMAGINE survey has carried out extremely deep observations of 28 nearby galaxies with the Australia Telescope Compact Array over the past 2 years. The aim of these observations is to understand how the fundamental baryonic fuel in galaxies, hydrogen, connects to their larger scale environment in the intergalactic medium and the cosmic web. As such, it offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into one of the most pressing questions of galactic evolution studies – how do galaxies obtain new material to drive their observed star formation, and what regulates this? Due to the extremely sensitive observations required to address these questions, progress has been challenging in the past, yet the IMAGINE project offers a unique new opportunity to address this question in the lead-up to future studies with the Square Kilometre Array and its pathfinders.

Simulation of the cosmic web (credit: Popping)

Simulation of the cosmic web (credit: Popping)

Associated Researchers

Dr Attila Popping

Research Fellow (CAASTRO)

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