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Professor Peter Hall retired as ICRAR’s Director of Engineering in 2016. We thank Peter for his contribution to ICRAR as a founding member of our executive team and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Peter’s contribution to the SKA Project and ICRAR was extensive, and his professional legacy is strong in the ongoing activities both at ICRAR and internationally towards this major scientific and engineering project.

Professor Peter Hall received his PhD from the University of Tasmania and after academic roles at the University of Sydney, was attached to CSIRO’s Australia Telescope National Facility. His last role at CSIRO was as Leader of the organisation’s (and Australia’s) inaugural SKA program; he was also the author of the initial proposal to site the SKA in Australia. Peter is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (Australia) and holds the IREE Norman W.V. Hayes medal for original research.

Peter was appointed Professor of Radio Astronomy Engineering at Curtin University of Technology in June 2008 and ICRAR Deputy Director in 2009. His appointment followed a four-year term as the foundation International Project Engineer for the SKA, where he played leading roles in the development of an SKA Reference Design, the initial specification of the SKA, the framing of the international SKA system design project (PrepSKA), and the development of top-level industry engagement policy. Since coming to WA Peter has expanded these interests and applied his expertise to the realization of working SKA precursors and functional verification systems.

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