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Dr Jacqui Coombes is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Amira Global.  Amira Global is a global, member-based, not-for-profit organisation that provides platforms for thought leadership; builds collaborations to address key R&D and Innovation breakthroughs; and develops pathways to enable those outcomes to be delivered in industry.

Jacqui is a minerals industry thought leader with experience across the mine value chain, commodities, and across the globe.  Jacqui’s passion for governance frameworks and accelerating change in society is augmented by her skill in building collaboration across the industry, government and academia; her experience in developing capability of businesses and people; and her deep commitment to fundamental science and integrity of data.

Jacqui holds a Bachelor of Science degree (double major: Statistics and Mathematics); a Masters degree in Statistics; a Masters degree in Resources and Commercial Law; and a PhD in statistical reasoning and competency development.

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