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Postdoctoral Researcher at Curtin University

As of October 2019, I am a new postdoctoral researcher at the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy. My research is focused on studying diffuse radio halos, radio relics, and giant radio galaxies found in clusters of galaxies. I am now beginning to work with new survey observations from MWA and ASKAP to discover and analyze never-before-seen diffuse sources residing in Southern galaxy clusters. Recently, I finished my PhD at the University of Hamburg in Germany where I worked with low frequency observations from the LOFAR radio array. In this video I give a tour of a LOFAR station in Hamburg and talk about the research of my first paper:

In this video LOFAR radio astronomers talk about the science being done with new survey observations from the LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey (LoTSS):

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