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Astrofest galvanises the astronomical community, bringing science communicators and educators together to deliver an event that showcases science happening in WA while connecting the public with our own awe-inspiring night sky.


Professional astronomers and astrophysicists aren’t the only people who can make worthwhile scientific discoveries thanks to SPIRIT, a web-enabled robotic telescope initiative accessible to educators, students and researchers in Western Australia and beyond. The SPIRIT initiative provides a full life-cycle of resources and activities for the next generation of astronomers, allowing them to access the same tools used by professional astronomers and discover the universe for themselves.

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Indigenous Engagement

At ICRAR we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be inspired and excited about astronomy and science. But, Western Australia’s size, with communities separated by hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of kilometres of outback, creates a significant geographical challenge for organisations seeking to engage with those living in towns and communities in regional and remote areas.

School Incursions and Excursions Image
School Incursions and Excursions

ICRAR Outreach staff and astronomers have visited schools all around the Perth metropolitan area and all over Western Australia. We give presentations on a wide range of topics from general astronomy to the Square Kilometre Array project. We also bring optical telescopes with special solar filters so that students can safely look at the sun, or our Tiny Radio Telescope (TRT) so students can get hands on with radio astronomy.

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AstroQuest are looking for volunteer astronomers to study crowded images of galaxies and work out which light is coming from which galaxy. All you need is a computer and the internet.

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GLEAMoscope VR

This app, available on Apple and Android devices, showcases the West Australian night sky, radio astronomy and the SKA telescope project.

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Astro Photo Art

ICRAR's recently developed 'AstroPhotoArt' program works with smaller groups of students for an intensive period, teaching students the basics of Astrophotography. It's operated in conjunction with Rick Tonello at Astronomy Education Services.

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Guerilla Astronomy

Sometimes the best science experiences happen when people least expect it. ICRAR’s guerrilla astronomy is about setting up telescopes in unusual places and inviting people to observe the West Australian night sky as an unexpected break in their evening.

Astronaut and Nobel Laureate visits Image
Astronaut and Nobel Laureate visits

ICRAR outreach were involved in organising events hosting Astronauts Dr Buzz Aldrin and Dr Andy Thomas, and Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt.

Astronomy in the Outback Image
Astronomy in the Outback

With its vast outback and sparsely populated regional areas, Western Australia is a perfect place for the science of radio astronomy. But while these qualities are strengths for this type of research, they create significant challenges for ICRAR’s outreach and education team.

Ilgarijiri Art Exhibition Image
Ilgarijiri Art Exhibition

In 2009, Australian Indigenous artists from Yamaji Art in Geraldton and astrophysicists from ICRAR came together to explore different understandings of the night sky and the Universe.

National Science Week ICRAR Monologue Competition Image
National Science Week ICRAR Monologue Competition

Welcoming writers (new, emerging, established, creative, or specialist science writers) to engage with ICRAR research and researchers to produce a Creative Nonfiction monologue for performance.