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As we can’t come to you in person during the pandemic, we’ve created a series of online offerings while we’re all self-isolating. Our team of professional science communicators, with the help of our researchers and postgraduate students, deliver many outreach and education activities throughout the year, and usually across the country.

The core purpose of ICRAR’s Outreach and Education program is to promote awareness and interest in science, computing and engineering, improving science literacy and participation in science-related fields.

Please contact our Outreach and Education team through education@icrar.org with any ideas or activities that you’d like us to provide!

Weekly astronomy lecture

Each Wednesday, 7:30pm AWST we stream a live lecture to our YouTube channel. With a new topic and researcher each week, you’re sure to find something you’re interested in! Past lecture topics have included Pluto, black holes, and antimatter.

Citizen Science

Sign up to AstroQuest, and complete quests to help Australian scientists understand how galaxies grow and evolve

SPIRIT 101 online PD

Find our about our remote telescope program (mainly for Years 9-10), already online for many schools, with this professional development opportunity for teachers each Tuesday 4-5pm AWST. Sign up for the session via zoom, and after completing SPIRIT 101 you’ll have access to the Outreach Officer for class sessions through your own class Webex/zoom if you want. Once you’re up to speed on using SPIRIT, you’ll be given access to everything needed for your students to run a long-term project.

Introduction to AstroQuest for teachers

AstroQuest is a citizen science project, where you and your students complete quests to help Australian scientists understand how galaxies grow and evolve, and it can be used as an activity within the classroom – both virtual and face to face. We will run weekly introductory sessions on how to sign up as a teacher and use the website with your class, Wednesdays 4-430 AWST, and teachers can sign up via zoom. AstroQuest has teacher guides (including curriculum links) for Year 4 and 5/6 Digital Technologies, Year 10 Science, and Unit 1 Physics.

Ask an Astrophysicist (for teachers & parents)

Our Outreach Officer will be online each Thursday 400-430pm, any teacher or parent can sign up via zoom. You can jump into the video chat and ask about space science concepts or the universe in general that will help you teach your class. You can also book a private session for your class with our Outreach Officer.

Cosmos Computing (Years 5+)

We can run a tele-conference version of the Cosmos Computing lesson with students and teacher via Zoom. Students can be set-up in breakout rooms guided by their teacher and the ICRAR Outreach Officer. All handouts can be found online and printed online, except for the HDD book which could be sent to a teacher. The Outreach Officer could also be the HDD for the lesson. Contact us for more information.

Virtual Reality

Download the free GLEAMoscope app from Apple or Android and use your own headset to explore the night sky in radio colour.

Augmented Reality

Download and colour in radio antennas, then use the QuiverVision app to bring them to life!

Electromagnetic spectrum

Almost everything we do, every single day, uses electromagnetic energy. The most familiar form of electromagnetic energy is the light we see, called visible or optical light. Explore more online.