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Ryan Bunney

In partnership with National Science Week 2021, StoryBursts and ICRAR welcomes new writers, emerging writers, established writers, creative writers, and science writers to engage with ICRAR research and researchers to produce a Creative Nonfiction monologue for performance.

The monologue can be inspired by a word, an image, a sentence, or a concept from ICRAR research and researchers – the only limit is your imagination.

COMPETITION CLOSES: July 2nd, 2021 at 11:59pm AWST
COST: Free
ENTRY DETAILS: In the first instance, please contact the competition organisers with an Expression of Interest

Writers can explore the ICRAR media releases for a topic that inspires you, but ICRAR researchers have suggested some topics to start with:

And you can access some of these stories on the ICRAR Vimeo channel as well as thinking about some of the great astronomers of history

Black holes and things that go bang

Local Universe

Big Data and Big Computers

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