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In partnership with National Science Week 2021, StoryBursts welcomes new writers, emerging writers, established writers, creative writers, and science writers to engage with ICRAR research and researchers to produce a Creative Nonfiction monologue for performance.

The monologue can be inspired by a word, an image, a sentence, or a concept from ICRAR research and researchers – the only limit is your imagination.

COMPETITION CLOSES: July 2nd, 2021 at 11:59pm AWST
COST: Free
ENTRY DETAILS: In the first instance, please contact the StoryBursts organisers with an Expression of Interest.

Monologue for Performance

  • Monologue of 4 minutes, no more than6 minutes, or between 500 and 700 words
  • Monologues to be based on any of the ICRAR research outcomes, or researchers at ICRAR
  • Entrants must be residents of Western Australia
  • Entrants can submit a total of two monologues
  • Entrant details to be in the covering email only, no identifying details in the monologue document file

You can find some definitions of Creative Nonfiction below:
Introducing Creative Nonfiction What is Creative Nonfiction?

Expression of Interest

Each submission to the StoryBursts 2021 program will be fact-checked by the appropriate ICRAR researcher, in partnership with a WA industry professional script assessor.
To ensure that the program can provide the appropriate researcher and script assessor for each submission, please fill out the Expression of Interest form and include the following information:

  • Which ICRAR research outcome or researcher do you intend to include in your monologue?
  • In which language will your monologue be partially or wholly written?
  • When performed, will your monologue need a specific performance style?

NOTE: ICRAR researchers will be available to meet with writers until June 30th, 2021.

Once StoryBursts has your Expression of Interest, the program organisers will be in touch with you to arrange anything you need to facilitate your creative nonfiction writing.

The StoryBursts 2021 program accepts the following languages:

Arabic, Auslan, English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Indigenous languages. 

The performers of the monologues can work with monologues in the following styles:

Auslan, Music, Puppetry, Poetry, Song

Other languages can be considered once an Expression of Interest, has been submitted to the organisers.

ICRAR research and Researchers

Western Australian writers are invited to let their imaginations actively engage with any research outcome that ICRAR has available for the general public.
The monologue can centre around a concept, a sentence, an image, a quote, or a personal story from the ICRAR team.
Writers can explore the ICRAR media releases for a topic that inspires you, and learn more about the great astronomers of history, but ICRAR researchers have suggested some topics to start with!