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CAASTRO-ARC-logo-H-cmyk-[Converted]The ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics was active from 2011-2017.

ICRAR’s two nodes at Curtin University and The University of Western Australia are also nodes of CAASTRO, the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics.

Many of our researchers are CAASTRO members and work within the CAASTRO team to further both ICRAR and CAASTRO’s research and outreach efforts.

CAASTRO’s research is in three themes—Dynamic, Dark and Evolving. The Curtin node participates in the Evolving and Dynamic themes, and the UWA node in the Dark and Evolving themes.

Caastro staff based at icrar

  • Professor Lister Staveley-Smith, CAASTRO Deputy Director, Chief Investigator and UWA Node Leader
  • Professor Carole Jackson, CAASTRO Chief Investigator and Curtin University Node Leader
  • Dr Balwinder Singh Arora, Researcher
  • Dr Rajan Chhetri, Researcher
  • Angela Dunleavy, Administrative Coordinator
  • Dr Wiebke Ebeling, CAASTRO Education and Outreach Manager
  • Dr Cullan Howlett, Researcher
  • Dr Steven Murray, Researcher
  • Clare Peter, Administrative Officer
  • Dr Attila Popping, Researcher
  • Dr Jonghwan Rhee, Researcher
  • Tina Sallis, Operations Coordinator
  • Dr Marcin Sokolowski, Researcher
  • Dr Dan Taranu, Researcher
  • Dr Steven Tremblay, Researcher

CAASTRO Students based at icrar

  • Kamran Ali, PhD Candidate
  • Rodrigo Canas, PhD Candidate
  • Qingxiang Chen, PhD Candidate
  • Katherine Harborne, PhD Candidate
  • Katharine Kelley, PhD Candidate
  • Lincheng Li, PhD Candidate
  • Samuel McSweeney, PhD Candidate
  • Bradley Meyers, PhD Candidate
  • Rhys Poulton, PhD Candidate
  • Fei Qin, PhD Candidate
  • Tristan Reynolds, PhD Candidate
  • Mengyao Xue, PhD Candidate

CAASTRO Affiliates based at icrar

  • Dr Ramesh Bhat, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Dr Pascal Elahi
  • Dr Paul Hancock
  • Dr Minh Huynh, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Dr Chris Jordan
  • Dr Anna Kapinska
  • Dr Claudia Lagos, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Dr Jean-Pierre Macquart, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Dr Martin Meyer, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Dr John Morgan
  • Dr Danail Obreschkow, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Professor Chris Power, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Kim Steele
  • Dr Cath Trott, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Mia Walker
  • Dr Randall Wayth, CAASTRO Associate Investigator
  • Dr Charlotte Welker
  • Dr Ivy Wong