ICRAR Visiting Fellowship for Senior Women in Astronomy

Purpose of the Fellowship

ICRAR is committed to supporting women in astronomical sciences and technology. This fellowship is aimed at providing an opportunity for senior women astronomers (having more than 5 years research work experience post PhD) to visit ICRAR and interact with ICRAR researchers and graduate students. The main objectives of the fellowship are to:

  • Enrich the research environment at ICRAR
  • Create opportunities to foster national and international collaborations
  • Enable scientific interaction between early career researchers and graduate students, particularly women, with senior academic visitors
  • Create opportunities for young researchers to learn career development and work-life balance strategies from potential role models
  • Explore opportunities for developing mentoring relations

What the Fellowship provides

ICRAR will offer one fellowship per calendar year and will provide:

  • $5000 per month for three months for living and accommodation expenses
  • Travel assistance of up to $5000
  • Needs based additional support of up to $4000 may be provided for childcare or other required support

Application Procedure

Applications will open here on the ICRAR website on the 28th of March, 2014 and close on the 30th of May. The selected visiting fellow will be announced by the 15th of July and will have the flexibility to visit ICRAR at a mutually convenient time within a 12 month period from the 1st of August.  The information required in the application includes:

  • How the visit will address the objectives of the fellowship as listed above (max 500 words total).
  • The research activity to be undertaken at ICRAR and the name of an ICRAR collaborator.
  • A CV and a suggested topic for a research seminar.
  • The proposed duration of the visit and suggested dates.   

To apply, please send the above items addressed to Associate Director Renu Sharma c/- info@icrar.org.

Applications will be reviewed by ICRAR and applicants will be informed of the outcome in July 2014. Please contact ICRAR Associate Director Dr Renu Sharma (renu.sharma@icrar.org) for additional details or questions regarding this fellowship.

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