Aspire to Astronomy in the Murchison

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ICRAR, in conjunction with Aspire UWA, SPICE, The University of Western Australia School of Indigenous Studies, and Scitech, will be travelling around the Murchison region in Western Australia's Mid West visiting schools and communities spreading the joy of astronomy.


Date Town Event School Local Contact
18th March Carnamah School Activities Carnamah DHS Deirdre Morgan (DHS Principal)
19th March Morawa School Activities Morawa DHS Mike McGann (DHS Deputy Principal)
19th March Morawa Observing Event (poster | flyer) Mike McGann (DHS Deputy Principal)
20th March Meekatharra Observing Event (poster | flyer) Kevin McKenna (DHS Deputy Principal)
21st March Meekatharra School Activities Meekatharra DHS Kevin McKenna (DHS Deputy Principal)
22nd March Mount Magnet School Activities Mount Magnet DHS Liz Tuckey (DHS Principal)
22nd March Mount Magnet Astrofest! (poster | flyer) Karen Morrissey (Mt Magnet Visitors Centre)
24th March Pia Wadjarri Activities
25th March Kalbarri Observing Event (poster | flyer) Carol Goodwin (DHS Principal)
26th March Kalbarri School Activities Kalbarri DHS Carol Goodwin (DHS Principal)
27th March Jurien Bay School Activities Jurien Bay DHS Cynthia Geiles (DHS Deputy Principal)
27th March Jurien Bay Observing Event (poster | flyer) Cynthia Geiles (DHS Deputy Principal)
Mount Magnet Astrofest

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