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Dead galaxies in Coma Cluster may be packed with dark matter
20 Jul 2015

Galaxies in a cluster roughly 300 million light years from Earth could contain as much as 100 times more dark matter than visible matter, according to an Australian study.

What happens when Cosmic Giants meet Galactic Dwarfs?
13 Jul 2015
When two different sized galaxies smash together, the larger galaxy stops the smaller one making new stars, according to a study of more than 20,000 merging galaxies.

Deep space images shed light on dark matter
10 Jul 2015
New images of deep space are helping to shed light on dark matter, the invisible material that accounts for more than 80 per cent of all the matter in the Universe.

ICRAR student scores top prize from Astronomical Society of Australia
29 May 2015

The Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) is awarding ex-ICRAR student Morag Scrimgeour the 2015 Charlene Heisler Prize in recognition of her outstanding PhD thesis “Cosmology with Large-scale Structure and Galaxy Flows”. 

Galaxy’s snacking habits revealed
21 May 2015

A team of Australian and Spanish astronomers have caught a greedy galaxy gobbling on its neighbours and leaving crumbs of evidence about its dietary past.

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Everyone is welcome at ICRAR's public events and seminars (see the calendar below).

The Light Fantastic
7:00pm, 8th of July, 2015

Neutrino Hunters
6:15pm, 14th of July, 2015


Would you like to give a seminar at ICRAR? Please get in touch! Contact Jean-Pierre Macquart for ICRAR's Curtin University node, or Anna Kapinska/Jonghwan Rhee for ICRAR's The University of Western Australia node.

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