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Astrofest delighted Perth stargazing crowds
21 Mar 2016
Once again Perth's annual astronomy festival 'Astrofest' delighted the public with views of the night sky, interesting talks and astronomy awesomeness all evening. 

ICRAR Chair Bernard Bowen awarded honorary degree
17 Mar 2016
ICRAR Chair, Dr Bernard Bowen has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters by The University of Western Australia.

Scientists spot jets from supermassive black hole snacking on a star
07 Mar 2016

Astronomers have discovered a black hole that is consuming gas from a nearby star 10 times faster than previously thought possible. The black hole—known as P13—lies on the outskirts of the galaxy NGC7793 about 12 million light years from Earth and is ingesting a weight equivalent to 100 billion billion hot dogs every minute.


LIGO makes waves with gravitational announcement, and Australian telescopes follow up
07 Mar 2016
Australian researchers and telescopes have played an exciting part in the follow-up observations for the recent detection of Gravity Waves.

Galaxy trailed by stunning plume of gas
22 Feb 2016
Astronomers have discovered a spectacular tail of gas more than 300,000 light years across coming from a nearby galaxy.

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Everyone is welcome at ICRAR's public events and seminars (see the calendar below).

Astrofest 2016
5:30pm, March 12th 2016


Would you like to give a seminar at ICRAR? Please get in touch! Contact Jean-Pierre Macquart for ICRAR's Curtin University node, or Luca Cortese/Jonghwan Rhee for ICRAR's The University of Western Australia node.

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