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First draft released January 10, 2017.

Contributed talks are still welcomed: Please indicate if you wish to offer a talk on the Registration/payment page. 

DAY 1: WEDNESDAY 29 March 2017

08:50–09:00 Welcome to Country

09:00–09:10 Conference Welcome & logistics Trott/Bij de Vaate

09:10-09:20   Opening address – Vice Chancellor of Curtin University: Professor Deborah Terry

09:20-09:45  LESSONS: Randall Wayth (MWA lessons)

09:45-10:10   LESSONS: Michiel Brentjens (LOFAR lessons)

10:10-10:35    LESSONS: Steven Tremblay (LWA lessons)

10:40-11:10                                 MORNING TEA

 11:10-12:00   ENG: Mark Waterson (SKA low architecture, calibration framework and approach)

12:00-12:30   ENG: Andrew Williams (METADATA & lessons learnt)

 12:30-13:30                                 LUNCH

13:30-14:00   INSTR: Ben McKinley (MWA primary beam determination)

14:00-14:30   INSTR: Roberto Pizzo: (LOFAR)

14:30-15:00   INSTR: Stefan Wijnholds (SKA-TT: Config & Calibration challenges)

15:00-15:30                                 AFTERNOON TEA

15:30-17:00  Discussion led by Jeff Wagg: Theme, Towards SKA1_LOW – overview of SKA1_Low incorporation of lessons, future pathway etc.

Evening: DINNER AT HYATT, PERTH CITY (cost included in Registration)


DAY 2: THURSDAY 30 March 2017

09:00-09:30   EOR: Danny Jacobs (PAPER and HERA)

09:30-10:00   EOR: Jonnie Pober (EOR/low systems)

10:00-10:30   EOR: Michiel Brentjens, with Leon Koopmans (LOFAR)

 10:30-11:00                                 MORNING TEA

11:00-11:30   CALIB/Deep: Wendy Williams (LOFAR; deep calibration)

11:30-11:50   CALIB/Deep: Andre Offringa (20mins)

11:50-12:10   CALIB/Deep: Huib Intema (20mins)

12:00-12:30   CALIB/Deep: contributed (20mins)

12:30-13:30                                 LUNCH

13:30-14:00   Discussion: David Kaplan (MWA including his own experience)

14:00-14:30   contributed: (SKA pathfinders systems analyses)

14:30-15:00                                 AFTERNOON TEA

(SKA Science Directors are invited to join the meeting)

15:00-15:45   Instrumental DR analyses during Design: Mark Cropper (Euclid Project) (remote)

15:45-17:00   Discussion/panel tbc

17:00   SUNDOWNER at ARRC (cost included in Registration)


DAY 3: FRIDAY 31 March 2017

09:00-09:30   IONOS: Maaijke Mevius (LOFAR ionospheric studies)

09:30-10:00   IONOS: Daniel Mitchell (overview of ionospheric analyses and calibration)

10:00-10:30   IONOS: contributed, tbc

 10:30-11:00                                 MORNING TEA

11:00-11:30   POL: Emil Lenc (MWA polarisation studies)

11:30-12:00   OTHER: contributed

12:00-12:30   OTHER: contributed

 12:30-13:30                                 LUNCH

13:30-14:00   TRANS/P: Steve Ord (Pulsar observations and processing with MWA)

14:00-14:30   TRANS/P: Antonia Rowlinson (remote; pulsar and transients studies with MWA and LOFAR)

14:30-15:00   TRANS/P: Anna Bilous (Processing and calibration of LOFAR pulsar data)

15:00-15:30                                 AFTERNOON TEA

15:30-16:15    Conference summary: Ron Ekers